What is PPC?

For anyone new to Pay Per Click Advertising, to explain it briefly, it is paid ads listed at the top, bottom, as well as in the map result of a search engine results page. Search engine’s fees are based on a pay per click basis, e.g., a person searches for “car insurance”, the top four results are Pay Per Click Ads, and if the user clicks on one of the ads, that advertiser is charged for that respective click, and the searcher is directed towards your website.

The price per click is determined by many factors, but one of the major factors is the competitiveness of the industry, which translates into bidding by advertisers for the top spots on the results page. This PPC platform is managed by a marketing agency like us, and the agency fees are separate from Google charges. For pricing, please contact our team for a fast quote.

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Determining Success of PPC

The overall success of a paid search campaign is determined by ROI “return on
investment”. In simpler terms, is it profitable for your business to utilize PPC advertising? While doing PPC, we are able to see how many paid search visitors have visited your website, and how many of them turned into a lead for your company, i.e. a call, lead form or purchase made on your website. By using this data we can fine tune the paid search campaign and thus improve the overall success of your advertising.

Additionally, and perhaps not as noticeably, determining the overall success from PPC has two tiers to it. One, being how much profit was made from present time sales, vs the amount of money put in, and two, how much profit do you to get from a returning customer in future sales.

Landing Pages - Increasing Success of PPC

A successful way of increasing your ROI from a paid search campaign, is to capture a higher percentage of visitors and convert them into a call, lead, or purchase. One of the most successful ways of achieving this is having a page solely dedicated to the service your offering and tailor made to capture this visitor. We make tailor-made landing pages to accommodate PPC campaigns to ensure as many visitor as possible can be converted into ROI for your company.

In Closing

PPC can be a great tool to generate new business, increase branding in your area, give a little boost during a slower period of time etc. We have advertised far and wide, in many different industries, for close to a decade. We hope our introduction gave you some affinity for it, and perhaps a better understanding of it. We would love to speak to you about what your business goals are, and if it would be a right fit for you.