As it is a commonly misunderstood word, lets define the word “copy”: Defintion #6. the words of an advertisement, as distinct from the layout, pictures, music, etc. (Collins Dictionary)

The heart and soul of any literature lies in it’s communication to its public. Many things can be ascertained from one’s communication. Take for example a person being interviewed for a job, not only is their resume reviewed, but who they are as individual, their trustworthiness, honesty, responsibility, drive, etc. Copy speaks a lot about the individual or organization it is about and hence the importance we put on having good, creative and engaging and overall quality copy, at that will be part of your first impression to your online customers.

Many readers can see through the sales pitches and other “fluff” on a website and just skip to the quality content which answer’s their questions or gives them some kind of meaningful information that will help achieve their goal.

Additionally, insightful copy, which the user can easily understand, learn, be captivated by, or identify with, can produce high affinity and trust with your product or service and thus give you an edge over your competition.

Professionalism in copy is another important factor in producing trust with your brand. Poorly written content, typos, commonly misspelled words all detract from the professionalism of your business, and hence we stress the importance of it.

We have several different packages that we offer for copywriting, please speak to one of our representatives about your project and we would be happy to help.